Cartage West





We are experts in the final mile delivery, leveraging a large fleet of trucks, vans, and trailers, to pickup and deliver shipments across California, without missing a beat. With our full range of options: lift gate trucks, a second man for heavy shipments, or a crew to package your shipment, Cartage West can handle it all regardless of size, weight, or where.

So, whether we deliver a massage chair to your home and install it, or are dropping off a crate at an airline carrier, or delivering a trailer full of merchandise at your retail store, we can react quickly and on-time regardless of the kind of shipment or time constraint. So go ahead and call us, we’ll say “Yes!”

  • Pick-Up & Delivery across California – We have the 6th largest economy of the world covered!

  • Home Delivery – We call ahead to make the delivery appointment when its easiest for you!

  • White Glove Delivery – You want us to unbox and turn on that TV we’re going to deliver? No problem!




When a container is ready to be picked up at the Port of Los Angeles or Port of Long Beach and delivered to its local destination, count on Cartage West as your reliable, customer friendly drayage partner. With extensive experience with the Ports, we have the ability to pick up the container when its least busy, hold the container in our yard until you're ready or simply provide up-to-minute alerts of container pick up & delivery. Our drayage service is built around being flexible and convenient for our customers. We're available 24/7, whenever you need us, we'll be there.

  • Container drayage from Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, delivering across California, Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AZ – It’s the busiest port in the country, but you can relax on getting your container delivered. 

  • Container Day-Pulls with Pier Pass or Night Pre-Pull Services – Tell us when you need it delivered, and we’ll make sure to find the cheapest and most efficient timing!

  • Container Yard Storage – Did that ship arrive earlier than you expected? No problem. We can store the containers for you until you’re ready!


Trucking Linehaul


California is home for us so we make it our mission to create inexpensive and efficient hauls as possible to move cargo around the Golden State. Our truck line-hauls run every night to and from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, Fresno, and San Francisco. With our trucks consolidating shipments and running North and South across California every day, we can help you get your freight almost anywhere in the state by tomorrow!

  • Daily truck runs between LAX and SFO – Los Angeles to the Bay Area

  • Daily truck runs between LAX and Fresno – Southern California to the Central Valley

  • Daily truck runs between LAX and Bakersfield – Los Angeles to Bakersfield




Not all of your challenges require moving product. Sometimes you need to store it for a while, devan it from a container and put it on a trailer, or hire someone to change all the labels on your foreign import products. Cartage West can handle the logistics solution to any challenge, outside of transportation needs. If you're stuck finding a way to handle inventory or cargo and need a customized solution, call us. We say yes, to get the job done!

  • Warehousing – Need to store, receive inbound inventory, pick-and-pack outbound orders? We have the warehouse to handle it.

  • Container Devan – Does your containerized freight need to be unloaded, put on pallets, and shipped another way? We can do it for you.

  • Special handling and Inventory Projects – Does your shipment need to be segregated repackaged in new boxes? Do the serial numbers on your shipped product need to validated? Or do you have a logistics challenge you can’t solve? We'll handle it.



Whether you base your business on maximum efficiency, minimal waste, or can only receive or dispatch cargo exactly when its needed, let Cartage West hold the inventory or freight to move it for you exactly when it’s ready or when its required. We’ll always give you the best option for your pick-up or delivery, and ensure it happens just-in-time!

  • Expedited services – Need it picked or delivered sooner? Just let us know. We’ll do what it takes to get it there when you need it.

  • Dedicated hotshots – Need a shipment pick-up or delivered as soon as possible? Call us. We’ll send a dedicated truck.